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Lindens Health & Nutrition focuses on beauty with its Hair, Skin and Nails supplement

Ossett, England - February, 2017 –Specially formulated to improve skin health and complexion while strengthening hair and nails, Lindens Hair, Skin and Nails is a complete multi-nutrient formula. With Vitamins C and E, Calcium, Zinc and Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), this one-a-day tablet provides potent nutrients working in harmony to boost the three key areas.

Called nature's "beauty mineral" because it keeps skin smooth and youthful and hair glossy, MSM is an active ingredient in Lindens Hair Skin and Nails Tablets aids production of collagen and keratin, proteins which make up hair, skin and nails.Most competing supplements don't contain MSM, Lindens Hair Skin and Nails provides a full 500mg in each one-a-day tablet.

Vitamins C and E and Zinc are powerful antioxidants which can protect hair, skin and nails at a cellular level. Also included are Silica, Kelp (providing Iodine), Manganese and Copper, which contribute towards normal skin and hair pigmentation.

Each pack of 60 tablets last two months.

“Everyone loves having healthy hair, clear skin and strong nails, so contributing to a well-balanced diet with a dose of our Hair, Skin and Nails is a great way to see positive results, especially if you’re looking to undo and prevent possible damage” said Beverley Denton, Managing Director at Lindens Health and Nutrition.

Lindens Health and Nutrition launches strongest Serrapeptase supplement on the market

Family-run UK online business highlights unique delayed-release coating of super-potent 1-a-day tablet

Ossett, England - January, 2017 –Lindens Health and Nutrition, has unveiled an exciting new product to the wellness market with the launch of its unique, mega-potency Serrapeptase supplement. Lindens' new high-strength Serrapeptase tablets - set to be the strongest available on the market - are enteric coated, protecting them from stomach acid, allowing safe travel through the gut for optimal absorption.

Available in packs of 30 tablets, this new super-potent, 1-a-day serrapeptase supplement is a drug-free, natural breakthrough enzyme, and has become increasingly popular with those looking for supplements with anti-inflammatory properties.

“Serrapeptase, also known as Serratiopeptidase, is an enzyme taken from a bacteria called Serratia E15 - with its origins stemming from the silkworm,” explains Beverley Denton, MD of the family-run UK online business based in Yorkshire. “During the transformation into a moth, the silkworm uses the enzyme to break down and dissolve its cocoon as part of its evolutionary process.”

With its super potent 250,000 IU and phthalate-free enteric coating which allows the tablet to pass safely through the stomach into the intestine for delayed release, Lindens is confident this competitively-priced addition to its vast range will become a firm favourite with its loyal customer base.

“Our lower strength serrapeptase is currently the second best-selling Serrapaptase product in the UK, so we’re hoping the unique qualities of our ‘new and improved’ version will be welcomed by our current customers, and sought-after by those new to the Lindens brand,” says Beverley Denton.

“For those active and keen to improve the way they feel, or are just looking to maintain their body’s internal health, Serrapeptase can benefit a wide variety of people. Our new one-a-day tablets are the perfect,  value-for-money way for many to start taking it as part of a daily routine.”

Lindens Health & Nutrition Welcomes New General Manager James Heatherglen

James Heatherglen will oversee staff and operations at Lindens Health and Nutrition

Ossett, England - December, 2016 – Lindens Health and Nutrition, a leading manufacturer and retailer of high quality supplements, today announced the hiring of James Heatherglen as General Manager as part of Lindens' continued commitment to growth.

James brings a valuable wealth of experience in leadership and management, gained from years as a team leader, most recently as team leader at Network Operations Center (NOC) overseeing a period of growth. His enthusiasm and passion has brought tremendous life to the teams he has supervised, and will help support Lindens as a quality, trusted supplements manufacturer.

Having served for 10 years in the Royal Marines, attaining the rank of Sergeant and serving across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, James embodies the discipline and commitment to quality and innovation Lindens seeks to promote within its team. “I am excited and honoured to serve as the General Manager of a respected company that prides itself on top quality and service,” said James. “I love the energy of Lindens and look forward to continuing to support the dynamic team whilst improving production output and customer service.”

“We are very excited to have James join Lindens, as his experience in running operations with an emphasis in excellent customer service and operational processes will greatly assist us in efficiently producing our range of products while emphasizing quality and discipline,” said Beverley Denton, Founder and MD of Lindens Health.“We are actively engaged in expanding our range of products and maintaining excellent quality through innovation, and could not be more pleased to have someone of James' calibre  join the team.”

Lindens Health & Nutrition Achieves New ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Ossett, England, September, 2016 – Supplements manufacturer and retailer Lindens Health and Nutrition has been successfully certified in line with the newly revised ISO 9001:2015 standard in England. The audit in July spanned the whole manufacturing and retail chain, from sites, functions and products to services and processes . This early adoption makes Lindens a leader and innovator; only a small percentage of companies have so far been certified in line with the updated standard. The certification ensures that mistakes are kept to a minimum while improving reporting and communications to create better quality products and services.

Published in September 2015, ISO 9001:2015 places significantly higher demands on companies than the previous version of the standard, making sure that companies understand current and future customer needs, meet customer requirements and strive to exceed customer expectations. The certification also ensures full involvement at all levels to guarantee the efficiency of the production process and continuous adherence to high quality standards.

The auditors from the BSI certification body found no deviations from the standard at Lindens. They emphasized positive findings such as the high level of innovation, reliable production scheduling and delivery platform. The auditors were also complementary about Lindens' ability to consistently provide products and services that meet the needs of their customers.

“Lindens passing the audit with ease proves that we don’t just talk about quality, but are dedicated to achieving it in all our processes,” says Chairman, David Broadhead. “The decision to certify Lindens Health and Nutrition very soon after the introduction of the new standard once again underlines our position as an innovative supplier and manufacturer, dedicated to providing top quality and trusted supplements to meet and exceed our customers' needs.”

Lindens Health & Nutrition Appoints New Administrator

Fast Growing Supplements Manufacturing Strengthens Resources by Hiring Top Talent

Ossett, England, August, 2016 - Ossett-based health and nutrition company Lindens has announced today that Agnieszka Witkowska has joined the company to further develop their pool of talent and better meet production and customer demands. Agnieszka brings with her experience and education, with a degree in economics and various qualifications in management and health.

Agnieszka's talent and wealth of knowledge in lean management means she is adept at running and organizing production to minimize waste. She has a talent for numbers, a skill which will be instrumental in her role in improving the efficiency of Lindens' production line.

Aggy comments “I am excited to start a new chapter at Lindens and look forward to working with the team to further develop their already extensive product range. I am fortunate to be joining such a respected company that prides itself on top quality and service. With the company's dedication to training and having the best talent, I plan to achieve my accounting certification soon and put that qualification to use within Lindens”

Beverley Denton, Founder and Managing Director said “Aggy’s wealth of knowledge and qualifications have already made her a key addition to the Lindens family. We view her appointment as a sign of our commitment to being leaders and innovators in our industry. Our expansion and the increasing production and customer demands led us to look for an addition to our team who will fit in with our values of innovation and exceptional service, and it is very fortunate that we were able to find someone of Aggy’s quality and qualifications to fill this role. I’m confident that Aggy will play a key role in providing and implementing high quality products for our clients.”

Lindens Health & Nutrition doubles size of factory and warehouse in order to fulfil ambitious growth plans 

Lindens Health & Nutrition doubles size of factory and warehouse in order to fulfil ambitious growth plans

Ossett-based health and nutrition company Lindens Health and Nutrition has doubled its factory and warehouse space in a bid to increase its annual turnover by developing its online reach.

Ossett, England, July, 2016- Lindens Health & Nutrition Limited, which grew out of the old Ossett Herbal Stores on Market Place in the town centre, aims to grow annual turnover from £1.5m to £3m over the next 3 years, and identified its successful online market as a potential area for growth.

Lindens' Managing Director Beverley Denton said:“Our expansion takes us to 3,000 square foot and allows us to double our business. It’s a huge step forward for us. Lack of space has hampered our operations for the last year or so, but we were keen to stay in Ossett. It's where we started our business in 2007. The town has been good to us."

In the original shop, a busy day saw around 50 customers served, whereas today, Lindens dispatches around 1500 customer orders, with all products made by the company in Ossett. With a workforce of 9, all living in and around the town, the news has been welcomed by the Lindens team, and plans are already underway to increase staff numbers to 12 over the next 2 years.

“We started developing the ‘Lindens’ brand of health supplements in 2010,” explains Beverley Denton. “We moved to Milner Way in 2013, fitted out our factory with the latest machinery and invested in IT systems that allowed us to fulfil online customer orders in quick time. But premises, machinery and technology aside, our growth would not have been possible without the talented people we are lucky to employ.”

Despite the uncertainty the EU referendum outcome may bring to many businesses, Lindens is positive about its future and is now increasing its marketing investment – prioritising a new e-commerce website and strong social media presence –and pursuing new opportunities across the UK and Europe to grow the Lindens brand.

“Selling online enabled our company to not only survive hard times on the high street during the recession, but also to expand,” says Beverley Denton. “France and Germany are massive markets for us, but there’s also plenty of potential to grow in the UK if we can raise our brand profile. With our factory and warehouse expansion now in place, marketing and promotion will be our focus for the immediate future.”

Lindens Health and Nutrition Invests £20k in Printers and Automatic Label Applicator

Auto labeller

Lindens Improves Efficiency by Investing in Printers and Automatic Label Applicator

Ossett, England, May, 2016 –Female-led UK online business Lindens Health and Nutrition has invested £20k in exciting new technology to improve efficiency and quality of its production. Lindens' new label printer - a ground-breaking colour label printer that merges excellent print quality with high-speed label printing, and new auto-labeller - a bespoke piece of machinery that solves the problem of automating the application of labels to foil pouches will increase capacity and reduce overheads, enabling the scaling up of production processes to meet ever-increasing demand for health products.

“The new printer and Auto labeller had increased productivity” says Beverley Denton, Founder and Managing Director “has tripled the packaging production capacity, enabling efficient use of staff time and skills to meet production and customer demands”

“Since upgrading our macinery, we have printed about 25 kilometres of high quality labels and been able to label over 1000 products per hour” says Joe Bottomley, a Lindens warehouse operative “It has made things run smoother and allowed us to process large batches of production at a rapid pace to meet the demands of our customers”

This substantial investment in machinery affirms Lindens Health and Nutrition's continued dedication to innovation and growth.

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