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The Lindens Health & Nutrition Team

Beverley Denton - Founder & Managing Director

bev Lindens health

Beverley has had a passion for health and well-being since her early teens. She began her career as a project analyst and manager, then achieved a variety of professional qualifications in the health industry, ranging from Anatomy & Physiology, Aromatherapy and Body Massage. Pairing business acumen with diplomas in the health industry, she created a trusted health and nutrition brand. In 2007 she founded ‘Lindens’ (then called  as ‘Ossett Herbal Stores Limited’) where Beverley applied her knowledge in health, nutrition, well-being and management to the health supplements retailer. In 2008 Ossett Herbal Stores started selling products online, introducing the ‘Lindens’ brand in 2009.

Beverley keeps busy looking after 2 children, 2 rescue dogs and maintaining a large garden. She enjoys a healthy lifestyle, regularly visiting the gym, running (even completing the London Marathon in 2016) walking the dogs and applying her knowledge in aromatherapy, muscle rubs and massage oils to friends and family in her spare time.

David Broadhead- Chairman

David Broadhead Lindens Health and NutritionDavid Broadhead Lindens Health and Nutrition

With a degree in Business Management, David Broadhead has a keen interest in business and a passion for training. In his earlier years, he spearheaded two companies; a business consultancy firm and a skills training agency. David has, however, always been fascinated by herbal and natural products. He is especially interested in natural and herbal ways to alleviate arthritis, which he has suffered with from childhood. This passion and keen interest in business and natural supplements led him into the business of health supplements, employing his skills to ensure that each supplement meets a high quality standard.

David is an avid gardener and has a large collection of pond fish. He likes to spend his down time wild crafting: harvesting plants and wild herbs and fruits from the countryside for food and medicine. Even though David maintains that his partying days are over, he can often be seen having a nice time with family, friends and colleagues, or on the telly, winning on reruns of 'The Weakest Link'.

 James Heatherglen - General Manager

James Lindens Health

As the General Manager, James is responsible for overseeing all administrative functions, leading and directing employees to ensure efficiency and care. Having served in the Royal Marines for 10 years across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, attaining the rank of Sergeant, James embodies discipline and commitment. He brings a valuable wealth of experience in leadership and management, gained from years as a team leader, most recently as team leader at Network Operations Center (NOC) overseeing a period of growth.

James spends a lot of his time staying active by coaching boxing and judo. He also enjoys running and cycling when not spending time with his family and 4 children.

Agnieszka Mezyk (Aggy) - Administrator

Agnieszka Mezyk (Aggy)Agnieszka Mezyk (Aggy)

Aggy provides both clerical and administrative support to the team. As a vital part of the production process, she ensures the smooth running of the warehouse, production and business as a whole. Aggy coordinates the ordering, receiving and storage of stock, while overseeing the implementation of production procedures and making sure that tasks and projects are scheduled and completed to quality standards as efficiently as possible.

As an economics graduate, Aggy has a large capacity for numbers, keeping on top of stocks and production output to ensure we meet the demands of our customers. She is qualified in lane management and level 2 health & nutrition with hopes of becoming a certified accountant at Lindens in the near future. She enjoys spending time with her family and was a former martial artist.

Carol Watson - Customer Service

Carol Watson Lindens health

Carol ensures that the needs of our customers are being satisfied. She provides excellent customer service and serves our valued customers by providing product and service information while also resolving product and service queries. Carol takes pride in making sure our customers are happy with their orders and services, taking calls and responding to messages. She also ensures that each order is dispatched expediently and correctly by paying keen attention to details and Lindens' quality standards.

Carol is a racer in a non-contact motor sport: York Autograss, a part of the 52 autograss clubs which form the National Autograss Sports Association She has a few wins under her belt and hopes to add more in the coming year. We're proud to support Team Carol, and Lindens decals adorn the car she takes barreling over finish lines at breakneck pace. She loves camping and travelling with her family, has a sweet tooth but can also be quite resourceful, and is fondly referred to as the female 'Bob the builder' by coworkers and friends.

Donna Hall - Customer Service and Warehouse Operative

Donna Hall Lindens health

Donna keeps in touch with our customers, assisting them in placing orders, with changes or exchange of orders. She responds to any customer concerns via phone, email, or mail and ensures that each of our customer is happy with his/her order. She makes sure the products are dispatched and delivered in a timely, cost effective manner while ensuring that Lindens high quality values are adhered to.

As a mum of two, Donna enjoys yoga, baking and spending time with her family and dog. A self admitted shopaholic, she loves snapping up great bargains wherever they can be found. Donna is the life of the party and always keeps the team lively and fun.

Rebecca Cooper - Customer Service and Warehouse Operative

Rebecca Cooper lindens healthDonna Hall Lindens health

As a customer service and warehouse operative, Becca assists customers with their needs, keeping them happy with their orders, responding to customer questions and queries in a timely and effective manner. She makes sure the products are sorted, labelled, dispatched and delivered on time and in an efficient manner, ensuring that Lindens high quality values are achieved and maintained.

Becca is training to become a primary school teacher and volunteers one day a week in a school while working at Lindens. In her down time, Becca spends time with her family, enjoys a drink or two with friends and is partial to gin.

Joseph Bottomley - Warehouse Operative

Joe deals with goods and products that come into the warehouse, making sure deliveries are processed and sorted in a timely manner. Joe is an important member of the team responsible for production and packaging of our high quality range of supplements. He checks and confirms that stock meets the requirements and ready for production and packaging process. He is responsible for sorting, picking and packing our products, making sure they meet the quality standards Lindens is known for.

Fondly referred to as Junior Manager by the team, and a former boxer, Joe is disciplined but fun loving, and likes to relax with a lager or two among friends in his downtime.

Louise Howgate - Warehouse Operative

bella Lindens health

As a warehouse operative, Louise assists with the storage, labelling, and maintainance of warehouse records. She picks and packs the products, ensuring that each product is correctly labelled and stored clearly. Louise makes sure the each of our products is packed in accordance with all health, safety and environmental requirements regulation, thereby maintaining Lindens' standard of quality. She also operates systems and machines for product packaging and helps to ensure dispatch timetables are met.

Louise has been married for 25 years, loves spending time with her six grandchildren and 2 daughters. She is a self proclaimed workaholic who enjoys travelling and bingo.

Nicola Mallinson - Warehouse Operative

Nikki Lindens healthNicola Lindens health and nutrition

Nicola (Nikki) is an essential part of the team, making sure that the right amount of materials, goods and products, in the right location are available daily to feed the business’s operational and customer demands. She also sorts and packs the products ensuring delivery of materials to production lines in accordance with production standards, while making sure all operations are carried out in a safe manner complying with all health, safety and environmental requirements, keeping work areas clean and tidy to ensure operational efficiency.

Nikki is a single mother of 3 and grandmother to 3 more. She enjoys spending time with her family and pets, and values family above all else.

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