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About Lindens

Founded in 2008 by Beverly Denton, Lindens Health and Nutrition is an innovative, ethical business that manufactures, distributes and retails health supplements. Lindens began as a health food shop in Ossett, West Yorkshire. From there, our own brand of supplements quickly became the focus of the business, and our dedication to quality, innovation and our customers has ensured rapid growth since.

Our Values


Success in business is based on trust. Especially in the Health Supplement business. By putting quality at the core of everything we do, Lindens has has earned the trust of customers across Europe. Trust earned through regulatory compliance, exceptional right-first-time handling of orders and the provision of safe and effective products. Lindens Health + Nutrition Limited is ISO 9001 certified with BSI under certificate number FS657303.


Innovation needn't be complex. Our innovation in foil-flat packaging in 2009, leading to Lindens being one of the fastest growing brand in the Health Supplements Sector, was a simple solution to a simple problem: How to get our products through our customer's letterbox - minum fuss, minimum delay.

Since then, we have innovated constantly. Supplying traditional traditional vitamins, minerals and softgels, yes, but also bringing to the mass market groundbreaking supplements such as Enteric Serrapeptase, D-Mannose, Neurovits, Lithium Orotate, CardioGarlic and L-5-Hydroxytryptophan.


At Lindens we are constantly getting feedback from our customers and using that feedback to continuously improve our products and service. We've learned that our customers are intelligent, independent people who do a lot of research before buying and take great care with their own health and wellbeing. Our customers demand trusted products, rapid fulfilment and great customer service before and after pruchase.

If this describes you, then we'd like to hear from you and we'd love to have you as a customer.

A Little of Our History


Beverley capitalised on an available premises to open her own shop, Ossett Herbal Stores, in Ossett Town Centre. Here, with her knowledge of health products and friendly smile, a loyal customer base soon emerged. Ossett Herbal Stores quickly became a notable part of the Ossett high street.

2009                                       Introducing the Lindens Brand

Our first own-brand product, Lindens Rosehip Capsules, hit the shelves. Seized by instant demand, it was quickly followed by Ginkgo Biloba, Korean Ginseng, and our very special Bamboo Extract. Our nascent product range began its growth, and consumer demand fuelled rapid growth from that moment onwards. Today, those initial products have retained their popularity, and continue to be customer favourites.


Our New Factory

As the Lindens brand blossomed, we had to move quickly to keep up. We leased the flat above the shop for storage and production, but even that wasn't enough - the floorboards were creaking under the weight of our stock and we couldn't get parcels out the door quickly enough. After 5 years, we had outgrown the shop and had to leave the premises that had seen the birth of the business and the brand, moving to our new factory. We had a clean room installed for our production facilities, and finally had enough space to store the tonnes of stock required to maintain our ever-growing range of products.


Extending Our Range

Business was still booming, with over 1,000,000 tablets and capsules being sent out the door to our customers each week. Our product range had grown to over 130 products, we had more staff and more stock than ever before, and we celebrated our milestone 300,000th online sale.

2016Progress to the future

A busy year for Lindens as we extended our premises by another 3000 sqft. to accommodate the increased scale of business. With the extra space came new team members, new investment in custom-designed machinery and new printers, and investment into marketing and online presence. Hard work from the team led to the attainment of ISO9001:2015 accreditation, assuring quality in our business practices and the running of our factory.

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